Setup my own blog using Hugo, sass, and Gulp

Installation There are several steps to setup this blog so that it is up and running in your local using hugo, sass, and gulp. Install Hugo I’m using Ubuntu 16.04 and the easiest way to install it is to download the package from : you can choose .deb and install it Install gulp You need to have npm installed so that you can just run this command npm install -g gulp Install sass In ubuntu you need to install ruby first so here is the steps :

Hard lessons from 4 years in various software companies

I have been in various type of companies from early start-up, mid-start-up, and big company. And doing some freelance jobs. Doing some front-end and back-end jobs. It is very exciting journey and yet chalengging and also painful. How I felt to be Software Developer in the industry My honest opinion when become a Software Developer is I don’t have a life like my friends do who are pursuing different career like Lawyer, Accountant, Doctor, Teacher.

Reading Other People's Code

Please make your self comfortable to read other people’s code, because it is going to be your daily life as a programmer. Make it as the journer to the wonderful land, and take your time don’t rush and understand and try it out. Maybe this is sounds ridiculous if I say reading other people’s code is fun, in fact it is hard to read the code that written by other.